October 2019
ISSN 2148-7278
Volume: 5 Number: 2

GLOKALde April 2016, ISSN 2148-7278 Volume: 2  Number: 2 Notes for Editor 2
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WhatsApp in Education

Assist Prof. Dr. R.SIVAKUMAR
Education Wing - DDE
Annamalai University,
Tamilnadu, INDIA


In this current scenario where everyone is busy in their Schedule, they often don't get time for their relatives, friends and family. But thanks to the technology that it helps to cut the distance between our relatives. Mobile phones have become a crucial part of our daily life nowadays. Everyone has a personal cell phone of their own. Mobile phones have been developing very fast since 1995. There are number of applications available in the market which people use according to their preference, WhatsApp application is one of them, an application which not only has function of chatting but also other very convenient functions. WhatsApp get famous worldwide with no age boundaries.



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