April 2023
ISSN 2148-7278
Volume: 9 Number: 1

GLOKALde April 2023, ISSN 2148-7278 Volume: 9 Number: 1
Global and Lokal Distance Education - GLOKALde

Dear GLOKALde Readers,

We present our Volume: 5, Number: 2 issue to our valuable readers.

Developments in information and communication technologies have affected all areas of life in the information age and distance education has become an increasingly widespread method with these opportunities. Our journal includes studies on distance education and non-formal education.

In this issue, there are three articles. The first article entitled “Access to Education in India: Breaking walls through OER” is written by Dr. Alka SINGH. This paper discusses about the potential of OER in widening access and equity in education to ensure quality education for all. The second article entitled “Challenges of Training and Development through E-learning: A Study of Selected Power Sector Companies” is written by Dr. Kapil Dev SHARMA. This paper deals with prospective challenges pertaining to training and development through e-learning. It also identifies the factors that hinder growth of e-leaning program in organizations. The third article entitled “Evaluation Role of Senior High School Headteachers in Ghana: Does Gender and School Location Matter?” is written by Dr. Vera Rosemary Ankoma-Sey. This study examined the evaluative role of SHS headteachers in Ghana. The study further investigated the influence of gender and school location on the performance of the evaluative role of the headteachers.

We hope to stay in touch and wish to meet in our next issue, 1st of April 2020.
As GLOKALde team, we wish 2020 to be a year full of health and happiness.

Cordially yours,
Prof. Dr. Emine DEMİRAY

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