April 2024
ISSN 2148-7278
Volume: 10 Issue: 1

GLOKALde , ISSN 2148-7278 , Article 1

THE OPINIONS OF TRAINEE PILOTS AND INSTRUCTOR PILOTS TOWARD eLearning: A Needs Analysis for In-Service Training Programs

College of Open Education of
Anadolu University, Eskisehir, TURKEY

Pilot Caner ACARBAY
Turkish Airlines, Istanbul, TURKEY


eLearning has many important components that can enhance students’ situational awareness and, as a result of this, it has come to prominence as an approach that can replace traditional methods in theoretical pilot training. Thanks to this method it is possible for learners to complete the longest stage of pilot training independent of time and place. Through eLearning that meets present day requirements, and that is supplemented by well-designed educational materials, it is possible to provide theoretical pilot training to the masses in a globally standardized way. The main purpose of this study is to undertake a needs analysis for providing theoretical pilot training through eLearning and to determine possible opinions about the use of eLearning in these training programs. In accordance with this goal, an open-ended survey and individual interviews have been conducted with trainee pilots and instructor pilots to understand the target group’s perspective on providing theoretical pilot training through eLearning.

The study also makes an assessment of this new system from the perspective of the target group, and provides some recommendations for developing an eLearning program.

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