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ISSN 2148-7278
Volume: 10 Issue: 1

GLOKALde April 2015, ISSN 2148-7278 Volume: 1 Number: 2, Article 1

WITHIN WESTERNIZATION MOBILITY OF THE DISTANCE EDUCATION FOR A CASE OF UDEEEWANA: Adaptations, Challenges, Limitations and New Sustainable Innovations

Prof. Dr. Ugur DEMIRAY
President of UDEEEWANA
Anadolu University,
Eskisehir, TURKEY


Rapidly developments are gaining more attention on our planet and our daily life than ever before. We have newer and more complex questions as well as greater challenges and vast new opportunities.

Today’s institutions, policy makers, scholars and students of traditional and distance education in higher education are different than the organizations and people in the 20th Century. This praper aims to review and discuss the approaches lead by worldwide experts who specialize in distance education. These experts share their findings and analysis of the current trends and implications for present and future policies. Moreover, these experts practice to catch the mobility of westernization and globalization through an efficient way for distance education in the world. This presentation is divided into three main structural sections:

  • Global, supranational concerns in internationalization and mobility;

  • Specific distance education regional cases in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Arab States, Western Asia, and Northern Africa; and

  • The profiles of individual institutions, practitioners and participants involved in uniquely shaping international education in their everyday practice.

The intention of this paper is to expand the scope of research in the field of Comparative and International Education for the region of UDEEEWANA countries’ education systems:

  • to facilitate theoretical development;

  • to influence cultural and educational values, and policy formation; and

  • to evolve dynamic processes related to educational internationalization and global mobility in the distance education world institutions.

It is very important for members, scholars, policy makers and students of UDEEEWANA that sources and major applications be conducted by the UDEEEWANA map countries. This approach will help find a way to internationalize higher and distance education, and global mobility interested in the wide scope of factors today. These factors are shaping the global higher education landscape now.

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