April 2019
ISSN 2148-7278
Volume: 5 Number: 1

GLOKALde April 2019, ISSN 2148-7278 Volume: 5 Number: 1
GLOKALde is official ejournal of UDEEEWANA

Dear GLOKALde Readers,

We present our Volume: 5, Number: 1 issue to our valuable readers.

The process of obtaining information has been enriched by the use of the Internet, printed learning materials, radio, TV and video channels. Electronic books, electronic journals, chat platforms, social networks and interactive multimedia applications etc. have become a new learning channels.

Distance education, in which students, instructors and educational tools are being together in different places within communication technologies, is an educational philosophy making use of the technology of the era. In our journal, studies on distance education and non-formal education are included.

In this issue, the articles entitled “Measuring Effective Teacher Observation Data to Support Honduran Rural Schools: Instrument Design through Google Drive Collaboration” by Maxie GLUCKMAN, Doctoral Student and Jace HARGIS, PhD; and “Open Source Web-based Grading Assistant Program: Sahoo Easy Grade” by Debashis SAHOO, PhD; Megan BARDOLPH, PhDc.; Sheena GHANBARI, EdD and Jace HARGIS, PhD” are included.

We hope to stay in touch; and wish to meet in our next Issue dated 1st of October 2019.

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